1/12 Atlantis Metaluna Mutant Monster Plastic Model Kit

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Metaluna Monster Figure. The tooling is based on the Aurora Pattern, Aurora never came out with the kit. It was supposed to go into the Monsters of the Movies line. The Atlantis kit comes from all new tooling. Box art by Dave Cockrum in the classic 8.25 x 8.25 square box. New Detailed instructions. This a limited Edition Kit. Only 4000 being produced. Molded in a beautiful Metallic Blue.

They were bred and bound as slaves on the distant planet Metaluna. The ruling Metalunians
engineered these “mutants” to be laborers, likening them to the mere insects found on Earth.
These mutants, however, have tremendous strength and a robust exo-skeleton; only their
enlarged brains are subject to external damage. Now, the Metalunians must flee their planet before its fiery transformation into a flaming star.
The mutants are left for dead...all except one, which has secretly boarded the escape
spacecraft. It has murderous intent against the Metalunians who callously discarded
the species. The final confrontation is coming...

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