1/144 Trumpeter USN Seawolf SSN-21 Attack Submarine

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The "Seawolf" class attack nuclear submarine, code-named SSN-21, is the most advanced attack nuclear submarine of the US Navy and the most advanced attack nuclear submarine in the world in the 21st century. The ship was originally planned to build 29 ships, but in the face of expensive construction costs and the end of the Cold War, the US Congress decided to approve the construction of only two ships. The "Sea Wolf" attack nuclear submarines currently in service with the US Navy are: the Sea Wolf and the Connecticut. The "Seawolf" class submarine is a multi-purpose attack nuclear submarine. It is not only the nemesis of the enemy's ballistic missile nuclear submarine, but also can effectively break through anti-submarine barriers. Its outstanding feature is: excellent tactical performance. The "Sea Wolf" class submarine is the first submarine in the history of the US Navy to use high-strength HY-100 steel to build a pressure hull. The boat is 107.6 meters long, 12.9 meters wide, 10.9 meters draft, and has a surface displacement of 8,060 tons. The displacement is 8,060 tons, the diving depth is 610 meters, and the maximum underwater speed is 35 knots. The "Seawolf" class uses the x-type stern for the first time, and uses the SBW pressurized water reactor with no circulation main pump. It relies on natural circulation to reduce noise and adopts advanced pump injection The thruster reduces the noise wave and can block and reduce the noise radiation of the ship. In addition, the mechanical equipment of the boat also uses floating raft vibration reduction technology. These measures have reduced the "Sea Wolf" noise level to 95 decibels (the background noise of the ocean is 90 decibels, which is basically impossible to detect with passive sonar. The Kilo-class submarine, known as "undersea black hole", has a noise of 105 decibels) and is extremely quiet, making it the quietest submarine in the world. The "Seawolf" class has powerful attack power: in order to gain and maintain the initiative on the battlefield, the boat is equipped with 8 660mm torpedo tubes, and the weapons carried are: SLAM (land attack type) Tomahawk cruise missiles, range 485 nautical miles, SSM (anti-ship) Tomahawk cruise missile, inertial guidance; active radar/anti-radiation guidance, speed 0.7 Mach, range 250 nautical miles, Harpoon anti-ship missile, speed 0.9 Mach, range 70 nautical miles; MK48ADCAP It has a diameter of 660mm, wired guidance, a speed of 55 knots, and a range of 27 nautical miles. Item No. 05904 Product name American Seawolf class attack submarine Barcode 6922803659046 Product ratio 1:144 Product Type Static Warship Model size L: 747mm W: 126mm H: 169mm Total number of parts 45pcs Metal parts n/a Etched parts n/a Film film n/a Resin parts n/a Total Sprues 3pcs sprues plus the half hull Paint Schemes SSN-21 Seawolf Announcement date n/a More description n/a

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