1/144 Trumpeter USS Gato SS-212 Submarine 1944

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USS Small Shark submarine SS-212 1944 Length: 95m Width: 8.3m Displacement: 1825t The first ship of the Small Shark-class submarine started construction on October 5, 1940 at Denship Corporation, and on December 31, 1941 Entered service in the US Navy. The Little Shark arrived in San Francisco via the Panama Canal and completed its deployment at Pearl Harbor on February 16, 1942. During the first tactical patrol, she was ordered to patrol the western coast of Midway Island and stay alert 280 miles west of the historic victory. In the fourth tactical patrol, the Shark sailed out of New Georgia and the Solomon Islands and sank three cargo ships. On December 30th, she and the Harrier attacked and sank the Columbia freighter. On February 2, 1944, the Small Shark was deployed to Milne Bay, and then began a tactical patrol on the Bismarck Bay-New Guinea-Truck line. During this patrol, she sank two trawlers, a transport ship, and a cargo ship, and used artillery to destroy two trawlers before returning to Pearl Harbor. In February 1944, she sank a coast guard ship and a cargo ship and returned to the US military base in Guam. The Little Shark was decommissioned on March 16, 1946. Due to its outstanding performance in the fourth to eighth tactical patrols, the Shark received a Presidential Commendation Medal and 13 Battle Star Medals during the entire service in World War II. Item No. 05906 Product name USS Small Shark submarine SS-212 1944 Barcode 9580208059075 Product ratio 1:144 Product Type Static Warship Model size L: 659.9mm W: 57.7mm Total number of parts 127pcs Metal parts n/a Etched parts n/a Film film n/a Resin parts n/a Total offset 7pcs Paint scheme 1944 Announcement date n/a More description n/a

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