1/192 Flagship Models CSS Atlanta Confederate Ironclad Ram

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The CSS/USS Atlanta is a moderately easy model to construct, featuring everything need to build a museum quality model from the box. Model is 13" long bow to stern (less the torpedo spar). Atlanta began her career as the iron hulled merchant ship Fingal, purchased by the Confederacy as a blockade runner. Fingal made a successful run into Savanna, Georgia in November, 1861 after which she was turned over for conversion into an ironclad, and was placed under command of William Webb. On the night of June 16, 1862 Webb intended to attack two Monitors. The first with his spar torpedo, then turn Atlanta’s 7 and 6.4 inch Brooke rifles on Nahant. After running aground during the battle, Webb awaited his fate. The approaching monitor Waukegan, opened fire at 300 yards with devastating effect. After only five rounds, four found their mark injuring over forty. Atlanta returned fire with seven shots with no effect. Listing to port prevented effective aiming, so after only 15 minutes Webb surrendered Atlanta and she was taken into Union service.

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