1/200 Pontos Wood Deck for USS Iowa BB-61 (Teak Deck)

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  • Posted by Rich on 28th Sep 2018


    Pontos wood deck for 1\200 USA Iowa

    Awesome set, unexpectedly came with metal parts for the bow - anchor plates etc. The deck is self adhesive, which intimidates some modelers. I prepped it, removing all the right punch outs and peeled off the backing sheet. Then I sprayed it lightly with white primer, which kills the stickiness and also keeps the very thin deck from looking discolored if applied to gray material. I could then place and fit the deck, trimming as needed - it starts close, but it's not perfect. When satisfied, I used spray adhesive on the backside of the deck and set it it place. Much more forgiving than the original adhesive was ever going to be. Overall it looks great - uniform, flat and clean.