1/35 Tamiya Ultra Thin Aluminum Stickers

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1/35 Tamiya Ultra Thin Aluminum Stickers

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These stickers (about 0.01mm thick) fit snugly to finely molded model surfaces and can also be used as masking stickers for demarcation when painting. The stickers are meant to recreate aluminum surfaces without having to use special paints to achieve the same effect.

• Material: Sticker material: aluminum / Adhesive: acrylic adhesive (mild) / Backing film: PET
• Thickness : About 0.01mm *excluding backing film
• Size : One sheet: 100x148mm *Includes two sheets.
• Surface: Semi-gloss *not reflective

Required Tools:

• Tweezers
• Scissors (Use to cut out stickers with a small margin.)
• Masking tape (Use to remove sticker from backing film.)
• Cotton swab (Use to fit sticker onto shape or molding.)
• Design knife or modeling knife (Use to score sticker.)

Useful Tools

• Craft swab or toothpick (Use for more accurate application onto molding.)
• 1-3 mm wide masking tape (Use when scoring sticker.)

How to Use and Caution Notes:

• Stickers may curl when removed from backing film.
• Allow paint to dry fully when applying onto painted areas. Failure to do so may make it difficult to remove stickers.
• Moisture, shavings, dirt, and dust may reduce adhesion.
• Stickers cannot be used on exceedingly small or uneven surfaces, or matt painted surfaces.
• Stickers wrinkle when applied onto curved surfaces. Stickers do not fit deep grooves and holes, which might cause cracks.
• If air bubbles form, make small holes using a needle or knife tip and remove air using cotton swabs.
• When using as masking tape, make sure that the aluminum sticker edges are flush with the surface. Apply several thin layers of paint. Thick layers might penetrate under the sticker and prevent its removal.
• Stickers applied on Mini 4WD cars might come off after impacts.
• Stickers are conductive. Do not use nearby electronics or precision machinery. Parts of stickers inside electronics may cause damage. Applying these stickers on Mini 4WD chassis motors, batteries and metal parts might cause a short circuit or malfunction.