1/350 Iron Shipwrights LCI(L)-713

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All Iron Shipwrights 1/350 Scale Model Kits Come with a Full Resin Hull, Pieces, Instructions, and Photoetch Parts for Ultimate Historical Accuracy. USS Detroit (CL 8) Omaha Class Light Cruiser.The Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale USS Detroit is a one-piece full hull model depicting the ship in its 1945 fit. One of ten Omaha class light cruisers, Detroit was launched in 1922. Ships of this class were intended to be "scouts" - lightly armed cruisers capable of good speed and long range whose primary mission was to scout ahead of the main battle fleet. With their distinctive 4-stack design and casemated 6" guns, Omaha class ships were an aging design that was outdated by World War II. Nevertheless they were used in a variety of roles. Detroit escorted convoys, participated in the Aleutians campaign, and supplied shore bombardment at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Her six battle stars were the most earned by any Omaha class cruiser. Vital Statistics (as designed) Displacement: 7,050 tons; 9,150 tons full load Length: 555' 6" oa, 550' wl; Beam: 55' 4" Range: 8,460nm @ 10 kts; Top Speed: 34 kts Armament (as built): Twelve 6" (2x2, 8x1); two 3" Mines: 224 Torpedoes: six 21" (2x3) Aircraft: 2, Catapults: 2 Complement: 800 The Iron Shipwright kit represents Detroit as she appeared after her 1945 refit. Some of her 6" casement guns were landed, to be replaced by 40mm AA mounts. Her torpedo tubes were also removed, and she carried eight 3"50 caliber guns midship. The refit also replaced her Kingfisher float planes with Curtis SOC Seagulls. Much of the superstructure detail has been cast into the hull of the Iron Shipwright kit, so Detroit should go together rather easily. The pictures don't convey the extreme narrowness of this vessel relative to its length. The model has a distinctive spear-like appearance that should translate into an eye-catching display piece. The kit is an all resin affair. There is no white metal. A customized etched brass fret is included, as well as the brass rod needed to fabricate the tripod and mainmast. Jon Warneke fabricated the master pattern and provided production assistance. Please note, all Iron Shipwrights products are made-to-order and may ship separately in a combined order.

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