1/350 Trumpeter USS Alabama BB-60 Battleship

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USS ALABAMA BB-60 Length: 207.3m Bean: 33.0m Displacement: 37970t The South Dakota class was originally planned that only two ships of this design would be built, and that the Iowa design would start with BB-59. In the event was decided to build BB-59 and BB-60 as repeats of this design, to expedite production. This class was generally resembled the North Carolina class, but shorter, with one funnel instead of two. The armor and underwater protection scheme was entirely new, however. The design was found to be rather cramped, especially for antiaircraft guns in the superstructure, because the length of the superstructure had been reduced. The 5" guns were at the 01 and 02 levels, rather than at the main deck and 01 level, as they had been in North Carolina. Still, they were good, effective ships and gave good service during WWII. As with other battleships of their era, however, they were rapidly overtaken by changes in naval warfare. Item No 05307 Item Name USS Battleship ALABAMA BB-60 Bar Code 9580208053073 Scale 1/350 Item Type Static Kit Model Brief Length:592.3 mm Beam:94.2 mm Height: mm Total Parts 520pcs Total Sprues 12 Paint Schemes camouflage scheme in Measure 12,1942 Released Date 2007-09 More Features " The kit consists of 506 parts in plastic with 14 clear plastic parts for 2 kingfish seaplanes plus the decal sheet > optional waterline plate or l"

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  • Posted by Baggss on 15th Jul 2020


    1/350 Trumpeter Alabama

    Overall fit and finish are good. No glaring gaps or issues with the parts. 5-inch guns are a bit painful to assemble and are the same as found in Trumpeters BB-55 and BB-59 models. Model represents the ship after her 1943 upgrade but with some work and after market parts (3D printed and PE) can be changed to her late war appearance. No PE is included with the set. I gave it 4 stars but as always, YMMV.