1/350 White Ensign Photo Etch for HMS Warspite

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For the Academy kit. 

Contains: Fret A, Stock 2- and 3-Bar Railings, Railings (Quarterdeck and Stern), Railings (Catapult Deck), Railings (Admiral's Bridge Stair Landing), Railings (Fo’c’sle Deck Forward)6.Railings (Fo’c’sle Deck Aft), Railings (Shelter Deck Forward), Railings (0.5” Machine Gun Platforms), Railings (Crane Platforms), .Railings (Aft Superstructure), Railings (Shelter Deck Aft), Railing (Radar Lantern), Railing (Mainmast Platform 1937), Railings (Boat Deck), Railings (Lower Funnel Platform), HF/DF Antenna (Foremast 1937), Admiral's Top Light (Mainmast), Accommodation Ladder Handrails (Long), Accommodation Ladder Steps (Long), Flashing Lights (Foremast Main Yardarm), B & X Turret Rangefinder Platforms, Type 243 IFF Antenna (Foremast 1944), Type 75 WT Unit (Mainmast), Accommodation Ladder Handrails (Short), Accommodation Ladder Steps (Short), Aft Superstructure Gallery Frames, Aft Superstructure Access Landing & Ladders, Aft Superstructure Lower Access Landing, 284 Gunnery Radar Antenna Face (Early), 284 Gunnery Radar Antenna Face (Late), Signal Lamps (Small), Paravane Parts, Searchlight Handwheels, Searchlight Lens Fronts (Small), Searchlight Lens Fronts (Large), Compass Platform Venturi Frame, Compass Platform Canopy, Turret Top Ammunition Lockers, Compass Platform Venturi Shroud, 285 Yagi Radar Antennas, Topmast 281 Radar Antenna Platforms, Wind Vane Platform (Foremast), Type 650 Jammer Antenna (1944), Admiral's Bridge Venturi Frame, Type 86 TBS Antennas (Foremast), Admiral's Bridge Venturi Shroud, Type 281 Radar Antenna Pole, Type 281 Radar Antenna Assembly, Headache Antenna (1944), Foremast Lower Yard Footropes, Turret Roof Handrails, Type 281 Antenna Wiring Alternative, Leadsmans' Platforms, 15” Gun Barrel Tampions, Type 282 Yagi Radar Antennas, Walrus Seaplane Parts, Flag Lockers, Signal Platform Long Ladder, Pom-Pom Platform Ladders, Inclined Ladders (Shelter Deck Forward), Inclined Ladders E7, Signal Lamps (Large), Inclined Ladders E41 & E42, Inclined Ladders (Shelter Deck Aft), Inclined Ladders (Quarterdeck Hull Steps), Inclined Ladders E52, Twin 20mm Oerlikon Mountings, Inclined Ladders (Boat Deck Forward), Single 20mm Oerlikon Mountings, Slatted Bench Seats, Stock Vertical Ladder (Gun Turrets), Stock Vertical Ladder (General Use), 8-Barrelled Pom-Pom Parts, 45’ Motor Launch Cradles, 45’ Fast Motor Boat Cradles, 35’ Fast Motor Boat Cradles, 35’ Launch Cradles, Ladderway Hatch Selection, Large Deck Hatches, Ventilation Hatches, Watertight Doors and Open Coamings, Watertight Doors (Closed), Small Access Hatches, Skylights and Hatches, 4” Gun Mount Fittings, Deck Hatch Selection, 32’ Cutter Cradles, 27’ Whaler Cradles, Skylights and Hatches (Small).

Fret B, Foremast Starfish Platform Assembly (Late Fit), Foremast Starfish Platform Assembly (1937), Midships Accommodation Ladder Davits, Foremast Halyard Spurs, Foremast Manouvering Lights, Funnel Cap Grille, B & X Turret Rangefinder Supports, Funnel Inner Plate, Hangar Roof Overhang Supports, Crane Platform Supports, Ship's Name Letters, Main Crane Jibs, 4” Gun Battery Splinter Shield Enclosure, Main Crane Jib Rests, Ladderway Hatches, 4” Gun Battery Enclosure Base Plate, 4” Gun Battery Inner Splinter Shields, 284 Radar Antenna Upper Mounting Brackets, Foc'sle Breakwater Stowage Boxes, Foc'sle Breakwater Braces, Foc'sle Breakwater, Aircraft Launch Cradle, Mainmast Platform and Supports (1937), Radar Lantern Housing, Catapult Track Insert, Catapult Side Braces, Catapult Bridges, Catapult Bridge (1944), Admiral's Bridge Window Assembly, Boiler Room Vents, Bridge Front DF Antenna & Bracket, Main Crane Bases, Crane Hooks, Funnel Siren Platform Assembly, Funnel Lower Platform, Funnel Searchlight Platform, Anchor Chain Races (Starboard), Hawse Pipe Cover Grilles, Anchor Chain Races (Port), 0.5” Machine Gun Platforms (1937), Admiral's Bridge Platform Supports, 24’ WT Yardwith Type 91 TBS Antennas, Radar Beacons (1943), Aft Superstructure Galleries, WT/Radar Office Assembly, Signal Platform Rear Supports, Small Loading Shearlegs, Admiral's Stern Walk Railing, Admirlal's Stern Walk Canopy, Admiral's Stern Walk, Stern Walk Supports, Replacement Gun Tubs E55, Forward Loading Boom Shearlegs, 35’ Fast Motor Boat Fittings, 45’ Motor Launch Fittings, 32’ Cutter Thwarts & Rudders, Replacement Gun Tub B10,  45’ Motor Boat Fittings, 35’ Launch Fittings, Replacement Gun Tubs E19, Replacement Gun Tubs E17, Replacement Gun Tubs E20, Replacement Gun Tubs B Barbette, Replacement Gun Tubs Shelter Deck Fwd, Replacement Gun Tubs B8 & B11, Replacement Gun Tubs E15, Replacement Gun Tubs E18, Night Life Buoy Assembly, Pom-Pom Platform Supports (1943), Pom-Pom Platform Supports (1937), AA Platform Extension Tub Supports, Anchor Chain, Blakes Stoppers, Menagerie, Aft Loading Boom Shearlegs, 0.5” Quad Machine Gun Mountings.

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