1/48 Hobby Boss F4U-4B Corsair 80388

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F4U-4 is the last variant to see action during World War II, deliveries to the U.S. Navy of the F4U-4 began late in 1944. It fully equipped naval squadrons four months before the end of hostilities. It had the 2,100 hp engine. When the cylinders were injected with the water/alcohol mixture, power was boosted to 2,450 hp (1,830 kW). The propeller was changed to a four blade type. Maximum speed was increased to 448 miles per hour (721 km/h) and climb rate to over 1,180 m/min as opposed to the 884 m/min of the F4U-1A. The service ceiling also increased significantly from11,000 m to 12,000m. Item No 80388 Item Name F4U-4B Corsair Bar Code 6939319203885 Scale 1:48 Item Type Static kit Model Dimension Length: 215.0mm Wingspan: 260.0mm Total Plastic Parts 190+ Total Sprues 10 sprues Camouflage Scheme US Navy Released Date 2013-03 More Features the kit consists of over 190 parts and 11 clear parts for canopy. -Detailed fuselage&wing w/accurate design -Engine with fine detail -Detailed gear cabin

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