1/700 Blue Ridge Models USS Des Moines CA-134 Heavy Cruiser

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-USS Des Moines is the US Navy heavy cruiser and the first Des Moines heavy cruiser.
-Des Moines-class is the last class built by the US Navy as a heavy cruiser capable of destroying high-speed cruisers of the Japanese Navy with excellent artillery and torpedo capabilities as an improved version of the Baltimore class.
-Des Moines started construction in 1945 at the Forever River Shipyard and entered service in 1948.
-With the world's first automatic loading device that uses the charge in the case, this ship with a main gun with a firing speed of 10 shots / min was engaged in various missions with Newport as the home port after commissioning, Since 1950, he has participated in various exercises along the Caribbean and east coasts, in the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic.
-In 1948, when Des Moines entered service, there was almost no possibility of a battle with an enemy surface ship, but the 6th Fleet deployed in the Mediterranean due to its scale and resilience that was not comparable to a former class-class battleship. He served as a flagship until 1961.
-This kit is a full hull model with etching and decals attached to the injection-made body. It is a kit that combines delicate details with a large scale.

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