1/700 Blue Ridge Models USS Massachusetts BB-2

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1/700 Blue Ridge Models USS Massachusetts BB-2

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  • Posted by John Hartley on 8th Oct 2020


    Blue Ridge 1/700 USS Massachusetts

    This was only the second resin kit I've owned, and the only one I've completed. The kit was a gift and I found it largely a very pleasant, but occasionally frustrating, build. Packaging was outstanding. The resin parts were much easier to prepare and assemble than I expected, but no more detailed or cleanly cast than most modern 1/700 scale plastic kits. One major piece (the upper deck/catwalk) was severely warped despite being very well cushioned and separately bagged. But it was fixable. The kit comes with an excellent self adhesive ArtWox wooden deck and a huge set of PE, also by ArtWox, and brass gun barrels by Infini. Normally, resin models seem much more expensive than equivalent plastic kits, but with all the extras included in this box it's a fantastic deal at the asking "limited edition" price. My only real compliant was the instructions. Although they are very professionally produced with many color photos, they were pretty vague at times on where exactly all the pieces go and how exactly they should be positioned. I had several resin items left on the sprues and lots of unused PE and it would have helped to know what exactly the kit used without looking to match all the little numbers on the instructions with the etched numbers on the PE frets. The PE, by the way, was very finely done but extremely fragile. Even with a PE bending tool and fine tweezers, many tended to break or bend out of shape if you looked at them funny. It would also have helped for the instructions to include a nice three-view coloring chart. The only clue was the painting on the box. All told, however, I was very pleased with this model, which is a must-have for anyone interested in pre-WW1 USN pre-dreadnought battleships, and an excellent value.