1/700 Combrig HMS Inflexible Battleship, 1881

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HMS Inflexible was a Victorian Age battleship commissioned in 1881 as an answer to combat the perceived threat posed by the Italian Navy. At the time of her completion, she boasted the larged main battery on any British warship. With armor almost entirely concentrated in a "box" around her vitals, one may also say she was one of the first "all or nothing" designs. In addition, she was the first Royal Navy ship to be fully fitted with electricity. Conversely, she was still a muzzle-loaded battleship as her guns were entirely too long to be loaded from the rear. 

This kit is of particular interest because Inflexible reflects a transitional and often experimental period of naval design. This vessel is characterized by a juxtoposition of early- to mid- 1800's elements (breech loading guns and full rig) and turn of the century concepts (turrets, all-or-nothing armor, eletricity.) 

HMS Inflexible's only real action was during the Urabi Revolt, where she suffered more damage from the back blast of her 16 inch guns than those pointed at her. Interestingly, her skipper at the time was none other than John Arbuthnut Fisher, commonly known as "Jackie" to his friends and colleagues. As many of you know, Jackie Fisher would go on to the highest echelon of the navy, later being responsible for spearheading the development of both dreadnought and battlecruiser-type vessels. The rest of the ship's career was relatively quiet until her disposal in 1903. 

Combrig's kit presents the ship as she was completed, in 1881 with her full rig. 


As with many of Combrig's newest kits, Inflexible's hull is absolutely covered in well-defined detail. Hatches, supports, and ventilation hatches cover the hull. The quality of the resin is such that photo etch replacement parts would likely add little.

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