1/700 Combrig Models Admiral Nakhimov Cruiser 1-st rank, 1887

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Admiral Nakhimov ( , named after Admiral Pavel Nakhimov) was an Imperial Russian armoured cruiser of the Russo-Japanese war.

After entering service, Admiral Nakhimov arrived at Vladivostok in May 1889, becoming the flagship of the Pacific Squadron. In September 1891, she returned to the Baltic for repairs. In July 1893, she visited New York City, then Toulon as a part of the Russian Squadron, then she sailed to Vladivostok again, serving there for the next four years and taking part in seizing of Port Arthur. In 1898, she returned to the Baltic for repairs and modernization. In November 1899, she was moved to the Pacific Squadron in Port Arthur again, and returned to the Baltic in 1903.

After the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese war in 1904, Admiral Nakhimov was assigned to the 2nd Pacific Squadron, created in the Baltic to reinforce the 1st Squadron at Port Arthur. In October 1904, she sailed to the Far East with the Squadron. As she was more powerful than other Russian cruisers, she was included into the 2nd Battleship Group of the Squadron, consisting of three obsolete battleships. On 27 May 1905, the first day of the battle of Tsushima, the Admiral Nakhimov was the eighth and last ship in the main column. She was hit about 30 times, mainly by fire from Japanese armoured cruisers, and suffered 25 killed, and 51 injured, but retained her combat capabilities. Nakhimov slightly damaged the armoured cruiser Iwate with three 203 mm shells. At night, when the remaining Russian ships were attacked by torpedo boats and destroyers, Nakhimov was visible, turning on searchlights. Around 21.30 - 22.00 hours she was hit at the bow by a torpedo, fired by an unidentified ship. Despite the struggle of the crew, the ship was sinking and she was abandoned the next morning close to Tsushima. The Japanese auxiliary cruiser Sado Maru captured 523 of her crew, another 103 men escaped in boats and were captured later, and 18 men were lost. At about 10.00 on 28 May, Nakhimov sunk at 34° 34'N, 129° 32'E.

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