1/700 Combrig SS Great Eastern, 1860 - FULL HULL

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The Great Eastern was assigned to the transatlantic passenger line. Her arrival into New York resulted in much pomp and circumstance until entrance fees and a blown sewage pipe soured American desire to stay aboard the monstrosity. While an engineering success, the Great Eastern was so far an utter financial failure. The ship was then contracted to carry British soldiers to Quebec in case the American Civil War spilled over into Canada. An unprecedented 3000 people were aboard the ship. In addition, Great Eastern not only set a new record for a transatlantic crossing, but blew away the needed time for tugboats to drag the ship into dock. 

1861 proved rather eventful for the vessel. She waxed boredom during a major hurricane that destroyed most other vessels, though her propulsion systems did take serious damage. Great Eastern still proudly sailed into port after emergency repairs. She was fitted with swag canons to protect against dastardly American raiders. 

By 1888, the Great Eastern had reached the end of her colorful life. Her fate remained uncertain, with some considering restoration as either a museum ship, a floating hotel, or even using her to literally ram land to help build the Panama Canal. The latter was... not entirely serious. She was beached in 1889 and later broken up. Her mainmast was used as the flagpole for the Liverpool F.C. stadium, granting footballers an unholy and tyrannical advantage over their hapless opponents. 


Combrig's kit quality has always been exceptional, but recent offerings are simply stellar. Length wise, it's dead on. Her beam is off all of 0.5 mm, which is effectively nothing. Detail is crisp and the kit is clearly well-molded. The hull was chipped, but that's more to do with shipping than the quality of the kit. I've also included a photo of everything included in this kit. 

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