1/700 Corsair Armada USS Vireo Minesweeper

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One of the unsung hero's of Pearl Harbor, the USS Vireo played an important role that fateful Sunday in 1941. Moored with the USS Turkey, USS Bobolink, and USS Rail at the Coal Dock, the Vireo had her engines disassembled for maintenance when the attack began. While her gunners fought topside, the black gang went to work on getting the engines back up and running. The gunners expended 22 rounds of 3" and 400 rounds of 30 caliber anti aircraft ammunition. One Japanese plane was claimed by the number 2 gun crew. By 13:48 the Vireo was under power and assisting the other ships. When the battle was over Vireo supported the salvage efforts, and operated around the Hawaiian Islands in the minesweeping role. Not content to fight out the war behind the lines, Vireo was at Midway for that decisive battle. She was sent out to take the crippled USS Yorktown under tow and was proceeding at 3 knots when the Japanese submarine I-168 fired a spread of torpedoes that sunk the USS Hammann and further damaged the Yorktown. Vireo immediately cast off her tow line and circled around to render assistance. Depth charges from the sinking Hammann caused damage to her rudder and she later grounded twice off Midway while trying to enter the harbor. She was repaired and overhauled at Pearl Harbor and later deployed to the South Pacific as a fleet tug she served out her career supporting the march up the Solomon Isles all the way to Leyte Gulf. Vireo received seven battle stars for her World War II service. This kit is based on that early war fit, with extra parts to build the post Pearl Midway fit. The kit is typical Corsair Armada quality with sharp details and well cast parts. The only bubbles to be found are at the waterline where they are easily dealt with. The superstructure parts are cast on a thin resin wafer. The upper deck overhangs the deck gear on the stern adding depth to the kit. Extra gun shields are included for her Midway fit. Rafts, boats, and other fittings are cast on a long resin runner. These are well done with just a thin layer of film that needs to be cleaned up. Several different plastic rods are included to fabricate the masts. The photo etch is very fine and includes some very thin railings that are custom tailored for the deck levels. Inclined stairs and even a ships wheel for the aft steering station are included. Anchor chain, and even Corsair Armada's famous 20 mm guns are on this fret. Another bonus is the etched nameplate that you can attach to the base of your finished ship. The instructions are extremely well done especially when one considers the small size of this kit. The ship is shown in a 3D view with parts locations noted. An elevation view further illustrates parts placement. But in my opinion the best part is the rigging diagram showing everything from the masts to the radio lines. This is something I would love to see more kit manufactures include.

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Corsair Armada
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Model Kits
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Minelayer / Sweeper

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