1/700 Flyhawk Models HMS Prince of Wales December 1941 Limited Edition - Deluxe Version

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It is a kit that reproduced the time when you participated in [Battle of the Denmark Strait] of May 1941 which is a fight with German Battleship Bismarck. ' Although Prince of Wales damaged Bismarck during this naval battle, it was decided to be repaired for 6 weeks after the battle. ' In December the same year, we will have a battle off the coast of Malay. ' The luxury version is a set of 3 etched parts, resin parts and metal parts set in the regular version kit. ' The kit reproduces the full hull condition. ' The Prince of Wales emblem badge is bundled.

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  • Posted by Matt Kessler on 26th Apr 2018


    Fantastic Kit!

    Let me start by saying this looks to be the most finely detailed kit I have ever seen. I have not assembled this kit, so my review is based wholly on my look at the parts. The quality of the parts is absolutely amazing, and looks to be on par with the Fine Molds NanoDread line of detail parts. The masts look to be scale thickness, the searchlights are supported by small separate arms, and all the parts look crisp and clean. I observed no flash, or any other blemishes on any parts. As for the extras in the deluxe kit, they look to be just as quality. To be honest, the plastic parts in the kit are so nice and finely detailed, that I have reservations about even using much of the photoetch. Also, I am a little concerned that I can muster the level of fine motor skills required to assemble it! If you're interested in this very historic ship and enjoy the challenge of a finely detailed 1/700 ship, then I'd very wholeheartedly recommend it!