1/700 Flyhawk Models HMS Invincible 1914 (Deluxe Edition)

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The Cruiser Invincible was planned with the concept of "high-speed power is the maximum defense" advocated by Fisher of the British 1st Navy. 'This is the first cruiser battleship to be built as a battleship with the same attack power and cruiser performance. 'The hull shape is a long foreclosure type hull, and a newly designed [Mark X 30.5 cm (45 caliber) gun] is arranged from the bow to one on the bow deck, the second gun on the left and right on the port side, 3 The guns were staggered and placed, with one on the rear deck, for a total of eight units. 'By arranging the 2nd and 3rd main guns arranged on the port side left and right in a staggered manner, it is possible to fire all main guns in the left and right directions. 'The importance of the speed, which is the concept of cruiser battleships, makes it difficult for the battle of the same class cruiser to have a defensive ability. 'Invincible participates in the Battle of Jutland during World War I as a squadron flagship of the 3rd Cruiser Squadron. 'During the Battle of Jutland, it was the final stage of the battle with the German Navy [Derflinger] and [Lutzow], and the 30.5cm shell was penetrated by the main turret on the starboard side and hit by the ammunition detonation. [Performance specifications] 'Waste water capacity: 17290t ~ 17420t 'Total length: 172.8m 'Maximum width: 22.1m 'Drinking water: 8m 'Engine system: Yarlow type coal/heavy oil mixed burning water pipe can 31 units 'Output: 41000hp (max) 'Maximum speed: 25.5 knots 'Cruising range: 10 knots/3090 nautical miles -Crew: 784 [army] '4 30.5 cm (45 caliber) double-arm guns, 16 10.2 cm (45 caliber) single-arm rapid fire guns '7 machine guns 'Single 45 cm underwater torpedo launcher [Armor] 'Port side: 152mm 'Deck: 64mm 'Barbed: 178mm 'Turret front shield: 178mm 'Command Tower: 254mm

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