1/700 Flyhawk Models German Battlecruiser Scharnhorst 1940 Deluxe Edition

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This product was planned and developed based on the operation of the German army [Operation Yuno] carried out in June 1940 during World War II. 'The 1/700 German Navy Battleship Gneisenau 1940, which we announced earlier, is also a product made with the same concept, and it is a product that increases the width of the display, such as reproduction of Operation Yuno with two ships .. 'Operation Yuno is composed of battleship Gnaisenau (flagship), battleship Scharnhorst, heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper, and four destroyers, and was carried out to support German troops in the Narvik region of Norway. 'During the operation, both Scharnhorst and Gnaisenau were damaged by a torpedo, but the operation was successful, such as destroying three ships including the aircraft carrier Glorias. 'When the aircraft carrier Glorious was sunk, it hit the shell shot from a distance of about 24.2km, and it became the longest hit record by ship fire. Enjoy fly hawk products with fine parts and precise details. 'The deluxe version comes with bonus parts including etching parts and a metal barrel. [Performance specifications] 'Standard displacement: 31847 tons 'Full drainage: 38092 tons 'Total length: 235.4 meters 'Overall width: 30 meters 'Max Speed: 31.65 knots 'Crew: 1968 'Cruising range: 7100 nautical miles / 19 knots [army] '28.3 cm (54.5 caliber) 3 twin guns 3 'Four 15 cm (55 caliber) twin guns 'Four 15 cm (55 caliber) single guns '10.5 cm (65 caliber) 7 high-angle guns '3.7 cm (83 caliber) twin cannon '12 cm (65 caliber) single machine gun

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