1/700 Trumpeter RN Littorio Italian Navy Battleship 1941 (New Variant)

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BTR-40 is an armored personnel transport vehicle with heterogeneous wheel drive of the former Soviet Union. It is also used as a reconnaissance vehicle. The vehicle does not have amphibious capabilities. The Veneto-class battleship is the most powerful battleship ever built in Italy, and it is also the first single ship in Italy. A battleship with a displacement of 35,000 tons. Although the "Washington Treaty" stipulates that Italy is allowed to have a battleship of 182,800 gross tons (including 70,000 tons before 1932), due to various reasons, Italy waited more than ten years before starting the construction of new ships. The Littorio formally joined the battle sequence of the Italian Navy on June 24, 1940. She was assigned to the first squadron stationed in Port Taranto and became the flagship of General Carlo Bergamini [Carlo Bergamini]. On the night of November 1940, the Littorio was hit hard by the British carrier aircraft carrier Glory in Taranto. Returned to active service in March 1941. On December 17, 1941, he participated in the first Battle of Sirte Bay. In the second Battle of Sirte Bay on March 21, 1942, the muzzle of the 381mm stern main gun ignited a Ro.43 aircraft on the stern catapult. After the British discovered that the stern of the "Litorio" was on fire, they mistakenly thought it was hit by their own torpedo. On June 15, 1942, Littorio was hit by a bomb thrown by a U.S. B-24 bomber. That night, the British "Wellington" bomber taking off from Malta attacked the Littorio returning home. Repaired on August 27. But due to a severe lack of fuel, Littorio never set sail again. On November 13, it was transferred to Naples and returned to Taranto on December 4 as a heavy air defense platform. The Littorio was renamed Italy on July 25, 1943. Retired on June 1, 1948. During the war, the Littorio took part in a total of 46 combat missions, 9 of which were sailing. Item No. 05778 Product name Italian Navy battleship "Litorio" 1941 Barcode 9580208057781 Product ratio 1:700 Product Type Static Kit Model Brief Length: 339.7 mm Beam: 47mm Total number of parts 440+pcs Metal parts n/a Etched parts 1piece Film film n/a Resin parts n/a Total number of offset plates 13 sprues, upper hull, lower hull, water line plate, deck and stand Paint schemes Italian Navy Battleship RN Littorio 1941 Released Date 2011-07 More Description "Hull -slide-molded upper hull and lower hull -Deck wood pattern finely rendered -Either waterline or full-hull version can be assembled Aircraft -Contain 2 RO.43 planes and 3 RE.2000 planes Stand -Contains display stand"

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