1/700 Trumpeter USS Missouri BB-63 Battleship 1991

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The Missouri is the third ship of the Iowa-class battleship and one of the most famous ships in the history of the US Navy. During World War II, he participated in almost all the great sea battles. After Japan declared its unconditional surrender, the Missouri sailed into Tokyo Bay as the flagship of the Third Fleet. As we all know, the signing ceremony of the Japanese surrender was held on the deck of the Missouri. In 1950, the Korean War broke out, and the Missouri became the first battleship to participate in the war in North Korea. In 1951, to support the American landing forces, the Missouri bombarded Wonsan in North Korea. Its huge artillery brought disasters to the North Korean people and committed numerous crimes. After the Korean War ended, the Missouri returned to Seattle in the United States and was changed to a training ship. After Reagan came to power in 1981, it was re-modified into the "Iowa" class battleship. After many modifications, the modernization of electronic equipment and all other equipment has been improved, and it has been put back into active service. After the outbreak of the Gulf War, Wisconsin and Missouri went to the front lines again. It used the "Tomahawk" cruiser missiles to carry out surprise attacks on strategic targets in Iraq and Kuwait, effectively hitting the other's important land targets, and paving the way for the multinational forces' bombing. This was the last time it participated in the war. After the Gulf War, it returned to the United States and retired from active service in 1991. Item No. 05705 Product name American BB-63 Missouri battleship 1991 Barcode 6922803657059 Product ratio 1:700 Product Type Static Warship Model size L: 386 mm W: 47mm Total number of parts 223pcs Metal parts n/a Etched parts 2pcs brass propeller Film film n/a Resin parts n/a Total offset 8pcs + Waterline + Lower Hull Paint Schemes For US Battleship BB-63 Missouri 1991 Announcement date n/a More description n/a

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