1/700 Trumpeter USS New York BB34 Battleship Plastic Model Kit

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USS NEW YORK (BB-34) was first in the ‘New York’ class of US Navy battleship, laid down at Brooklyn shipyard in 1911, launched in 1912, commissioned in 1914, and was the first ship to be equipped with 14-inch main guns. In 1917 NEW YORK was assigned to British waters and assisted the British Grand Fleet, being mainly responsible for blockade and escort missions. NEW YORK returned to training and participated in various problem-solving exercises, being modernised in 1926. Until Pearl Harbour, the US had maintained neutrality in WWII with NEW YORK on Atlantic neutral patrols. After the US declared war on Japan, NEW YORK operated in North Africa (Operation 'Torch') and spent time protecting the North Atlantic and Mediterranean convoys. In 1945 NEW YORK transferred to the Pacific Fleet, and participated in the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. During battle NEW YORK received minor damage in a kamikaze attack. After the war NEW YORK took part in Operation 'Magic Carpet', the repatriation of US military personnel from overseas theatres of war. In 1946 NEW YORK was used in Operation 'Crossroads' as a target for atomic tests, remaining afloat but was eventually sunk in 1948 following use in target practice by other navy ships and aircraft. Item No 06711 Item Name USS New York BB-34 Bar Code 9580208067117 Scale 1:700 Item Type Plastic Model Warship Kit Model Brief Length: 246.5mm Beam: 49.8mm Total Parts 480+ Metal Parts n/a Photo Etched Parts 1 Film Parts n/a Resin Parts n/a Total Sprues 10 sprues and deck Released Date 2017-08 More Features -hull split into two parts -Deck wood pattern finely rendered -Contains display stand and engraved name plate -Photo-Etched parts included

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  • Posted by William J Anderson on 15th Oct 2020


    1/700 doesn't do justice

    The USS New York must have been a majestic battleship that was armed to the teeth. Unfortunately, 1/700 scale just can't capture all that majesty. It's a well engineered and designed kit but I definitely recommend the 1/350 scale to do this ship justice!