1/700 Trumpeter USS North Carolina BB-55 Battleship

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USS North Carolina battleship BB-55 Length: 222.1 meters Width: 33 meters Normal displacement: 36,600 tons Full displacement: 46,700 tons On October 27, 1937, the battleship North Carolina laid the keel at the New York Naval Shipyard. It was launched on June 13, 1940 and entered service in New York on April 9 of the following year. The North Carolina completed sea trials before Pearl Harbor and joined the Pacific Fleet on June 10, 1942. In August 1942, the US military began operations in the Guadalcanal Islands. At this time, North Carolina was the only American battleship capable of escorting the Wasp, Saratoga and Enterprise aircraft carriers in the theater. In a battle in East Solomon, North Carolina used the record of shooting down seven Japanese fighters to change the task of the new battleship in the fleet, which is to use the numerous anti-aircraft guns on the ship to provide air defense cover for the aircraft carrier. On September 15, 1942, a torpedo hit the North Carolina. The torpedo tore a 10-meter-long and 6-meter-high hole in her armor plate, and killed 5 sailors. In June 1947, the North Carolina was retired from active service in New York. On April 29, 1962, she was donated to Wilmington, North Carolina, and was transformed into the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial. Used to commemorate the warship of the ship and all the people who served and died in the Second World War. The North Carolina received a total of 12 Battle Star medals during its service in World War II. Item No. 05734 Product Name USS North Carolina Battleship BB-55 Barcode 6922803657318 Product ratio 1:700 Product Type Static Warship Model Brief Length: 317.5 mm Width: 47.5mm Total number of parts 261pcs Metal parts n/a Etched parts n/a Film film n/a Resin parts n/a Total number of sprues 12pcs sprues plus lower hull, upper hull, decks and waterline plate and display stand Paint Schemes 1944 Measure 32 Announcement date n/a More description Either waterline version or full hull version can be selected.

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