1/700 Trumpeter USS Texas BB-35 Battleship

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New York Class battleship U.S.S. TEXAS is the sole surviving dreadnought and the only remaining US warship that saw active service in World War I and II. With ten 14” guns TEXAS was the most powerful warship afloat. Commissioned in March 1914, TEXAS was quickly deployed to Mexican waters following the Tampico Affair; was the first US battleship to be equipped with anti-aircraft guns; provided fire support in 1918 to Allied supply lines in the North Sea; first US Navy ship to launch an aircraft. In 1925 TEXAS was extensively modernized and became flagship of the US Fleet. In 1938/39 fitted with early shipborne radar type CXZ and updated AA guns. Further modifications to radar types CXAM-1, SC-1, SG & SK followed during WWII. Following Pearl Harbor TEXAS engaged the enemy in the Invasion of North Africa; on D-Day provided cover for the Normandy landings at Omaha Beach; deployed to the Pacific and supported the Allied landings at Iwo Jima and Okinawa in 1944 receiving 5 battle stars. Donated to the State of Texas in April 1948 TEXAS became America’s first battleship memorial museum. After 40 years berthed in the Houston Ship Channel near the San Jacinto Battleground, TEXAS was moved to drydock on Galveston Island in December 1988 for urgent rehabilitation to make the hull watertight. TEXAS returned to San Jacinto in July 1990 restored to 1945 condition and was rededicated on 8 September 1990. Item No 06712 Item Name USS Texas BB-35 Bar Code 9580208067124 Scale 1:700 Item Type Plastic Model Warship Kit Model Brief Length: 246.5mm Beam: 49.8mm Total Parts 480 Metal Parts N/A Photo Etched Parts 1 PIECE Film Parts n/a Resin Parts n/a Total Sprues 9 sprues and deck Released Date 2018-04 More Features -hull split into two parts -Deck wood pattern finely rendered -Contains display stand and engraved name plate -Photo-Etched parts included

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