1/700 Trumpeter USS Washington BB-56 Battleship

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USS Washington Battleship BB-56 Length: 222.1 meters Width: 33 meters Normal displacement: 35,000 tons The USS Washington began construction on June 14, 1938 at the Philadelphia Naval Harbor, and entered service on May 15, 1941. In December 1941, USS Washington became the flagship of Rear Admiral Wilcox, commanding the Sixth Battleship Squadron and the Atlantic Battleship Formation. On April 4, 1942, Washington joined the British home fleet, escorting the fleet together with British warships, and sending war supplies to Murmansk. On September 15, 1942, Washington arrived at the staging area of ??Task Force 17 in the Pacific and joined the battle group centered on the USS Hornet aircraft carrier. In the Fourth Battle of Savo Island, the battle between Washington and Kirishima became the first battle between battleships on the Pacific battlefield. With the help of radar guidance, the Washington fired 75 rounds of 406mm main artillery shells and 107 rounds of 127mm secondary artillery shells within 7 minutes, with a range of 12650 yards to 8,400 yards. According to statistics, at least 9 of the main artillery shells and 40 secondary artillery shells hit the target, and the firepower of the enemy warship was quickly suppressed. The USS Washington’s combat experience during World War II continued from the Arctic Circle to the Western Pacific, and she received a total of 13 Battle Star medals. Item No. 05735 Product name USS Washington BB-56 Barcode 6922803657356 Product ratio 1:700 Product Type Static Warship Model Brief Length: 317.5 mm Width: 47.5mm Total number of parts 254pcs Metal parts n/a Etched parts n/a Film film n/a Resin parts n/a Total number of sprues 12pcs sprues plus lower hull, upper hull, decks and waterline plate and display stand Water paste coating n/a Announcement date n/a More description Either waterline version or full hull version can be selected.

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