1/700 Trumpeter USSR Peter Velikiy Soviet Navy Battle Cruiser

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The first-class nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser of the Russian Navy is also the world’s largest tonnage and most powerful guided guided-missile cruiser. A total of 4 ships were built. The first ship 092 "Admiral Ushakov" (formerly known as "Kirov") In 1980, the second 150 "Admiral Razaev" (formerly known as "Frunze") entered service in 1983, and the third 065 "Admiral Nakhimov" (formerly known as "Kalinin"). "") entered service in 1989, and the fourth ship "183 Peter the Great" (formerly known as "Andropov") entered service in October 1995. At present, the first and second ships have been decommissioned, and the third and fourth ships are in service in the Russian Navy's Northern Fleet. This class is 252 meters long, 28.5 meters wide, 9.1 meters in draft, 19,000 tons in standard displacement, 24,300 tons in full load, 2 nuclear reactors, 2 oil-fired boilers, total power 120,000 horsepower, speed 32 knots, endurance 14,000 nautical miles/30 Section. Weapons and equipment: 20 SS-N-19 "Granite" anti-ship missile launchers, 20 missiles; 12 SA-N-6 "Thunder" ship-to-air missile vertical launchers, 96 missiles; 2 8-packs SA-N-9 ship-to-air missile vertical launcher, 128 missiles; 2 double-mounted SA-N-4 "Gecko" ship-to-air missile launchers, 40 missiles; 6 CAD3-N-1 "Kashi" Tan" missile and artillery close-in defense system (8 30mm naval guns for the first and second ships), each system has 8 SA-N-11 ship-to-air missiles and 1 30mm double-barreled naval gun; 1 130 mm double-barreled naval guns (the first ship is 2 100 mm single-barreled naval guns); 1 double-mounted SS-N-14 anti-submarine missile launcher (the latter 3 ships do not have), 14 missiles; 2 5 533mm torpedo launching tube; 1 10-tube RBU12000 anti-submarine rocket launcher (12-tube RBU6000 anti-submarine rocket launcher for the first and second ships), and 2 6-tube RBU1000 anti-submarine rocket launchers. It is equipped with one Ka-25B calibration helicopter and two Ka-27A anti-submarine helicopters. Item No. 05710 Product name Russian cruiser Peter the Great Barcode 6922803657103 Product ratio 1:700 Product Type Static Warship Model size L: 359.6 mm W: 41mm Total number of parts 249pcs Metal parts n/a Etched parts n/a Film film n/a Resin parts n/a Total number of offset plates 9pcs +Upper hull + Lower hull + Waterline plate +Deck + Display stand Paint Schemes For USSR Navy Service Announcement date n/a More description Either waterline version or full hull version can be selected

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