1/72 Hobby Boss German Kriegslokomotive BR-52 82901

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The great need for locomotives in Germany during the second world war explains the explosion in production. First of all construction of classes 44, 50 and 86 was simplified, and orders for other types of locos were cancelled. The best loco of the war was the class BR 50 ? The construction of the Class BR 52 was not foreseen in any construction program, never mind that of 1939. In 1941 the need for a new simpler type was apparent. These machines became, with an axle load of 15 tonnes and a maximum speed of 80 km/h ( 44 mph ) forwards or backwards, as good as the Class BR 50. Significant quantities of materials and manpower were able to be reduced further reducing their cost. Parament Item No 82901 Item Name German Kriegslokomotive BR-52 Bar Code 6939319229014 Scale 1:72 Item Type Static kit Model Dimension Length: 317.3mm Width: 42mm Height: 61.5mm Total Plastic Parts 307pcs Total Sprues 9pcs sprues, Frame, tram cab, TPR steam pipes Camouflage Scheme German Reichsbahn three engines, No 52 2495 is comouflaged with the body painted black and red running gear, No 52 8139 in comouflaged with a base Film Accessory Transparent film for window Released Date 2007-11 More Features The kit consists of 276 parts in light grey plastic in 7pcs sprues, 1 frame, 1 tram cab and 1 sprue with some steam pipes in black TPR

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