AJM Models 1/700 Scale Hms Campania Ww1.Seaplane Tender

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AJM Models 1/700 HMS Campania

The only model of this ship ever made.

The airwing is 2 each of Short 184, Fairey Campania, Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter, Sopwith Baby plus one balloon

HMS Campania was a seaplane tender and aircraft carrier, converted from an elderly ocean liner by the Royal Navy early in the First World War. After her conversion was completed in mid-1915 the ship spent her time conducting trials and exercises with the Grand Fleet. These revealed the need for a longer flight deck to allow larger aircraft to take off, and she was modified accordingly. Campania missed the Battle of Jutland in May 1916, but made a number of patrols with elements of the Grand Fleet. She never saw combat and was soon relegated to a training role because of her elderly machinery. In November 1918 Campania was anchored with the capital ships of the Grand Fleet when a sudden storm caused her anchor to drag. With no second anchor being laid, she hit several of the ships and the collisions punctured her hull; she slowly sank, with no loss of life. Her Officer of the Watch had failed to call the Captain, and was dismissed from the ship.

Waterline Hull.

This item is a resin and photoetch ship model kit.

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