AJM Models 1/700 Scale Hms Coventry 1942

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AJM Models 1/700 HMS Coventry 

The only model of this ship ever made.

HMS Coventry was a C-class light cruiser of the Royal Navy. She was part of the Ceres group of the C-class of cruisers. She was laid down on 4 August 1916, launched 6 July 1917 and completed for naval service in February 1918. In 1935, Coventry went into Portsmouth Dockyard to be refitted as an anti-aircraft cruiser. This refit involved the removal of her 6-inch guns and torpedo tubes, and the fitting of 10 QF 4-inch Mk V guns on single high-angle mountings and 2 octuple-mounted QF 40mm ‘pom-pom’ autocannon. The 12-pounder AA guns were retained. At the outbreak of World War II, HMS Coventry was serving with the Home Fleet between 1939 and 1940 and was damaged on 1 January 1940 in a German air attack on the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland. She was assigned to the Mediterranean fleet in 1940 and was torpedoed and damaged by the Italian submarine Neghelli in the eastern Mediterranean. Coventry also participated in the Battle of Cape Spartivento. HMS Coventry was heavily damaged in the Eastern Mediterranean, north-west of Alexandria, Egypt by 16 German Junkers Ju 88s of I./Lehrgeschwader 1 under the command of Joachim Helbig, whilst participating in Operation Agreement. 8./StG 3 also took part in the attack. The ship was on fire and had to be scuttled by HMS Zulu.

Waterline Hull.

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