Academy 1/35 Scale German Light Tank Pz.Kpfw. 35(t)

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The prototype was ready for testing in the summer of 1935 and testing by the army commission began. After testing, the Czechoslovak army decided to accept it as its standard light tank under the designation LT vz.35. The first LT vz.35 tanks the army accepted from Skoda was on December 21, 1936.

After the German occupation, the Wehrmacht confiscated 244 LT vz.35 tanks, which represented an important improvement in their tank strength, as these tanks were comparable to the PzKpfw III. Though the Germans immediately accepted the LT vz.35, renamed PzKpfw 35(t), into their Panzer divisions, they did not order their renewed production. Between 1939 and early 1941, the 35(t) was involved in all of the major campaigns. The tanks were officially retired at the beginning of 1941, but the 6th Panzer Division used 149 of them for its parts of the invasion of the Soviet Union. The chassis was used for a few artillery tractors.

This 100% new kit by Academy consists of 312 beautifully molded parts in grey styrene. There is no flash present and seam lines are minimal. Decals are provided for 2 vehicles. They are:

6th Panzer Division, France, 1940

6th Panzer Division, Russia, 1941

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