Academy 1/48 Scale TBM-3 USS Bunker Hill

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Academy 185 TBM-3 "USS BUNKER HILL", 1/48 Scale Plastic Model Kit

The US Navy's most widely-used torpedo bomber of World War II, the Grumman TBF Avenger, filled a critical gap in combat capability shortly after the United States' immersion into the war. The Grumman TBF's and license-built General Motors TBM's replaced the aging and obsolete Douglas TBD Devastator. Avengers operated in a host of roles through 1954, including torpedo bomber, level bomber, and anti-submarine duties.

Academy proudly rolls out the first of its recently licensed Accurate Miniatures (AM) classics in the form of the TBM-3 Avenger.

Once the box cover sporting snappy new box art is lifted away, the modeler is greeted by 10 trees of exquisitely molded parts, including one of crystal-clear canopy, ball turret, and light lens pieces. Decals for two aircraft, one from USS Bunker Hill and the other from USS Essex.

This model kit requires assembly and painting. Cement, tools and paint are not included. Contains small parts, recommended for ages 14 & up.

Cockpit detail includes separate side-wall clusters, clear instrument panel with integrated side console panels, pilot, gunner, and radio operator seats with separate arm rests and decal seat belts and harnesses, and radio and avionics racks.

The engine is nicely detailed and includes separate gearbox and ignition ring and wires. Engine mount structure and detail is provided for those wishing to super-detail the space between the cockpit and engine compartment.

Armament includes the exquisitely-detailed ball turret and gun, the lower tail "stinger" gun, 8 high-velocity attack rockets, and 3 choices of gravity bomb load-outs - 4x500 lb., 1x1600 lb., or 1x2000 lb. No torpedo is included. Bomb bay doors may be assembled open or closed.


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