Academy 1/72 Scale USAAF B-17E "Pacific Theater"

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The Boeing Model 299 was a promising new design for a bomber requirement from the USAAC but lost to the Douglas B-18 Bolo after the crash of the prototype due to pilot error (failure to remove control locks before take-off). Nevertheless, the USAAC quietly pursued continued evaluation of the type and the B-17 Flying Fortress entered production.

The early Fortresses gained combat experience with the RAF and proved that the design was not yet ready. The aircraft lacked defensive armament, especially in the tail, and a number of other issues which Boeing addressed with the next version: the B-17E. This new version saw a lengthened rear fuselage, larger vertical stabilizer, and an enclosed gunner's position in the tail. The side blisters were replaced by sliding window panels with waist gun positions, and powered turrets were added to the dorsal (behind the cockpit) and ventral (aft of the radio compartment) sides of the aircraft.

Academy has reissued their B-17E Flying Fortress kit in this Pacific Theater theme. 

Considering the age of this tooling, Academy has maintained the molds nicely as there is no sign of mold flash on initial inspection of the parts trees. Despite the age of this kit, the surface details are all scribed. The kit is molded in light gray styrene and presented on five parts trees plus three trees of clear parts. Among the features and options in this kit:

Simple but effective cockpit and bombardier compartment

Bomb bay doors are positionable

Bomb bay details with optional bombs

Superchargers molded separately making painting easier

Rear tail compartment/tail gunner section molded in clear

The kit provides markings for four examples:

B-17E, 41-2458, 65 BS/43 BG, 'Yankee Didd'ler'

B-17E, 41-2440, 98 BS/11 BG, 'Calamity Jane'

B-17E, 41-9227, 431 BS/11 BG, 'Yankee Doodle Jr'

B-17E, unknown, captured by IJA forces

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