Aoshima 1/35 Scale JGSDF 3 1/2t truck (Isuzu SKW-477)

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The 3 1/2 ton truck (commonly known as the 3 1/2 ton truck) is a general-purpose heavy-duty truck operated by the Self-Defense Forces.It was previously procured as the Type 73 heavy-duty truck, but the name was changed to 3 1/2 ton truck in 2003. In the Ground Self-Defense Force, the truck is deployed in almost all units regardless of the type of job, such as regular, armored, or special, and is also used in the Maritime and Air Self-Defense Forces. In addition, the vehicle's high durability and ability to travel over rough terrain has greatly contributed to disaster relief and lifesaving in various regions.In this product, as the first in the series, the latest model classified by the form name of SKW477 has been precisely replicated in 1/35 scale.It is equipped w/ a movable front steering wheel and a movable rear axle gimmick, allowing for a variety of expressions even after completion. The cab and cargo bed can be assembled w/out the hood, and one figure each of the captain and pilot are also included, making this model ideal for creating scenes. Replicated the latest model 3 1/2 ton truck classified under the format name SKW477 in detail. Both the cab and cargo bed can be reproduced w/ the top removed. The front steering wheel is movable. The rear axle is pseudo-movable, allowing the user to intuitively experience the superior driving performance of the real vehicle over rough terrain. One figure of the car's captain and one figure of the driver are included. Many clear parts are used for the lights and reflective materials throughout the vehicle. Rubber radial tires are used. Length 205mm, Height 88mm, Width 70mm Approximately 300 parts are included.

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