Black Cat Models 1/350 Scale Landing Craft Infantry Large LCI(L) Type 351

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Landing Craft Infantry Large LCI(L) type 351. The LCI(L) for Landing Craft Infantry (Large) was the result of a request from the Royal Navy asking for a sea going vessel able to land large numbers of infantry (up to 200 troops) directly onto the beaches. The British naval shipyards being fully commited to build warships, the complete series of 923 LCI(L)s was constructed in the USA between 1942 and 1944. The LCI(L) was built in three different classes: LCI(L)-1 to LCI(L)-350 had square superstructures, small bridge for the UK version, tall one for the US Navy one, both have side ramps to disembark troops. From LCI(L)-351 to LCI(L)-1098 two sub-classes can be found. LCI(L)-351 à 640, 658-690, 708-761, 781, 822-865, 885-1023, 1034-1067 still have side ramps, but superstructures are more rounded with a different 20mm arrangement. LCI(L)-641 à 657, 691-707, 762-780, 782-821, 866-884, 1024-1033, and 1068-1098 have the same configuration, but have now a bow ramp with doors for a better troops protection. LCI(L)s were of all the major amphibious operations during WWII, from the European Theater to the shores of Pacific Islands. Today two surviving examples have been preserved in the USA: LCI(L)-713 in Portland, Oregon, and LCI(L)-1091 in Eureka, California.

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