Bronco Models 1/35 German 3.7cm Flakvierling 36 w/Sd. Ah.52 Carriage Trailer

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The 3.7 cm 18 type anti-aircraft gun was developed from the basis of the 2 cm 30 type anti-aircraft gun, but the original small-caliber anti-aircraft gun was expanded to increase the range and power. In 1935, Rheinmetall began to develop 3.7 cm anti-aircraft guns. At that time, only a small number of Type 18 guns were produced. Later, the 18-type was replaced by the 36-type, and the weight was reduced from the original 1757 kg to 1544 kg. In combat, the 3.7 cm 36 anti-aircraft gun is usually transported by a two-wheeled vehicle or directly installed on light vehicles such as SdKfz.6 or 7 and SWS half-tracked vehicles. Its rate of fire is 160 rounds per minute, and its effective range is 2,000 meters. After 1942 it was replaced by a newer 3.7 cm Type 37 anti-aircraft gun, which had an updated visual aiming system. Most of the old 36 models were modified to 37 standards before the end of the war.

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