Bronco Models 1/35 Land-Wasser-Schlepper (Middle Production) Utility Vehicle

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In 1936, the German Rheinmetall Group received an instruction from the military high-level to develop a full-track amphibious transport vehicle. After the efforts of several subordinate companies, LWS was finally successfully produced. The car is propelled by a Maybach HL120 V12 engine that is the same as the No. 4 tank, and can reach a speed of 35km/h on land and 12km/h on water. The total weight of the vehicle is 17 tons and can carry 20 soldiers. The design of the LWS is mainly used for towing the pontoon and transportation equipment during the landing operation. Until 1940, the development of this amphibious transport vehicle was still very slow. When the "Operation Sea Lion" attacking Britain was to be carried out, the Germans had only seven LWS available for training to cross the English Channel. After testing, the LWS was found to be unsuitable for training in deep water, and its weak armor was also one of its shortcomings. When "Operation Sea Lion" was later cancelled in early 1941, the development of LWS came to an end. Even so, the remaining LWS was sent to the Eastern Front for use.

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