Bronco Models 1/35 Scale M1114 Up-Armored HA (Heavy) Tactical Vehicle

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Most armies use armored vehicles for reconnaissance and patrol purposes. Without exception, the M1114 light tactical vehicle in the US forces also assumes this role. The M1114 with special protective armor proved to be very practical in combat in Somalia on the battlefield, reducing the casualties of the crew during the operation, and gradually became a popular equipment after the 2003 Gulf War. The M1114 armored structure used in the early stages of the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan was complained of not providing adequate protection for roadside improvised explosive devices and mines. The new FRAG-5 and FRAG-6 combination armor set is produced by British Aerospace Corporation and uses Chobham mixed armor technology and bulletproof glass. However, this additional device increased the weight of the car body by nearly 1 metric ton, and the additional weight was indeed a severe test for the car’s suspension system. To this end it also increases the width by nearly 2 feet. The M1114 HA heavy armor type is mainly used in Iraq and is also used in the battlefield in Afghanistan.

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