Combrig Models 1/700 Scale Andrei Pervozvannyi Battleship, 1912

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This is a waterline 1/700 scale resin kit by Combrig Models + photo etched set. The Andrei Pervozvanny (Russian: ?????? ???????????? - Saint Andrew) was a Pre-Dreadnought battleship of the Imperial Russian Navy. After commissioning, she joined the Baltic Fleet. In 1913 she participated in an extended voyage to Portland and Brest. During World War I she covered operations by Russian light forces and the Ice Cruise of the Baltic Fleet. After the revolution she was a part of the active squadron of the Red Navy. She bombarded Krasnaya Gorka fort during the mutiny in 1919 and was attacked by the British Royal Navy in August 1919. She was torpedoed by a Coastal Motor Boat (CMB-31) commanded by Augustus Agar on 18 August 1919. She was hit by a torpedo on the port bow and sank in the shallow water of Kronstadt harbour. The ship was raised and docked but never fully repaired. she was damaged in a dockyard fire in 1922 and scrapped in 1924. Some of the guns from the ships were later used for coastal defense batteries.

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