Combrig Models 1/72 Scale 152mm/45 Canet Gun on Pedestal Mount

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This gun was manufactured in France in the early 1890's by the French designer Canet. Together with a 12 cm/45 gun, it was shown to a Russian delegation in 1891. By using fixed ammunition, the French were able to achieve an amazing rate of fire of 12 rpm for the 12 cm/45 and 10 rpm for the 6 inches/45 . A license was quickly purchased and production in Russia began in 1892 at the Obukhov factory. Between 1897 and 1901 some 219 of the 6 inch guns were built. During the Russo-Japanese war several of these guns suffered burst barrels which resulted in a post-war redesign to strengthen the barrels. Between 1909 and 1916 an additional 304 guns were built to this new design. These were actively used in both World War I and the Russian Civil war as ship guns, coastal defense guns, rail road guns and as the armament for river craft and armored trains. In 1941 there were still 196 guns of this type in the Soviet Navy (82 in the Baltic, 70 in the Pacific, 37 in the Black sea and 7 in the Northern fleet).

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