Das Werk 1/35 Scale German Kugelpanzer double pack 2 pcs

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German Utility Trailer 5t is a standard trailer used by German during World War II.It was operated by being pulled by trucks and half trucks not only by the German army but also in other Axis countries. The Kugelpanzer is an armored motor vehicle that is said to have been manufactured during World War II. It is said that it was developed in Germany, but there is no data on Kugelpanzer in Germany, which is considered to be a developing country, and the actual vehicle was captured by the Soviet army in Manchuria in 1945 and is currently stored in the Kubinka Tank Museum in Russia. There is only one left. It is said that Japan imported it from Germany and deployed it in Manchuria and operated it, but there are no records yet, and it is speculated that it is for combat rather than for reconnaissance because of thin armor, but laying communication cable There is also a theory that it is a working vehicle or a prototype vehicle for experiments.

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