Flyhawk Models 1/700 Scale HMS Hood 1941 Deluxe Edition

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Flyhawk FH1160S 1/700 HMS Hood 1941 DELUXE EDITION Plastic Model Kit. This is an unpainted and unassembled Plastic Static kit. Not include tool , glue , paint , Need to be purchased separately. Plastic model kit for ammunition without lead or gunpowder. Plastic Part 50 pcs. Decal Parts 1 pc. Photo Etched Parts 3 pcs. Metal Parts 73 pcs. Resin Parts 16 pcs. Instruction Manual. The Royal Navy cruise battleship Hood was a large ship commissioned after World War I and was a pioneer of fast battleships. Launched on September 1, 1916, launched on August 22, 1918, commissioned on May 15, 1920, and was familiar to the British people as [Mighty Hood]. Equipped with a standard displacement of 42,000 tons, a speed of 31 knots, and four 38.1 cm twin turrets, and a modern defense method such as incorporating anti-torpedo bulge and inclined armor on the defense surface is adopted. During World War II, during the naval battle off Denmark, a gun battle with the German naval battleship Bismarck was fought, and it was the last time that it sank within 3 minutes of being hit. In the development of this product, with the cooperation of the British Cruise Battleship Hood Association (HMS Hood Association), it is made into a kit based on detailed materials. It is a kit that you can enjoy precise reproducibility. In addition to the contents of the regular version, the deluxe version has 2 etched parts, 73 metal parts, and 16 3D printer parts.

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