Hasegawa 1/700 Scale J.M.S.D.F. Ddg Myoko

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Myoko (DDG-175) is a modern Japanese missile destroyer, the keel of which was laid in 1993, launched in October 1994, and commissioned in 1996. The total length of the ship is 161 meters and a width of 21 meters. Full displacement is about 9,500 tons, and the maximum speed is around 30-31 knots. The destroyer is armed with: 2 VLS Mk. 41 - one 29-rail and one 61-rail, two quad RGM-84 Harpoon missile launchers, a single 127mm Mark 45 cannon or two 20mm Vulcan Phalanx sets. The ship has a landing pad for an on-board helicopter. Myoko (DDG-175) is the third of four destroyers belonging to the Congo-class. In the second half of the 1980s, it was decided in Japan to create a new class of missile destroyers with significantly greater combat capabilities than the ships of the previous Hatakaze class. At the same time, it was assumed that the new destroyers would be multi-purpose, but would have clearly enhanced capabilities to counter air targets. Finally, in order to reduce the costs of research and development, as well as to facilitate cooperation with US Navy units, the project of a new class of Japanese destroyers was based on the American Arleigh Burke Flight I units. Thus, the Kongo-type units have the revolutionary AEGIS network combat system. , cooperating with the AN / SPY-1 radar, which provided them with unprecedented possibilities to control the airspace and counter air targets. They also have vertical missile launchers (VLS), which significantly increase their combat capabilities. For legal and political reasons, the Congo-class destroyers are not equipped with BGM-109 Tomahawk missiles. The third unit of this class, the Myoko (DDG-175), was built at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Nagasaki. Its name refers to the Japanese heavy cruiser of World War II and the mountain in Japan of the same name. The unit, at the turn of 2008-2009, underwent modernization, as a result of which it received a modernized version of the AEGIS system (version BMD 3.06), enabling the detection of ballistic missiles. It was also adapted to fire Standard SM-3 anti-ballistic missiles. An interesting fact is that Myoko "appeared" in the American movie "Battleship" from 2012.

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