Hasegawa 1/72 Scale F-106A Delta Dart

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The F-106A is a all-weather interceptor fighter developed as an advanced version of the earlier F-102A Delta Dagger, initially called the F-102B. The F-106, equipped with the J75, which has 50% more thrust than the J57 engine mounted on the F-102, it has become a Mach 2 class interceptor. The most important feature of the F-106 is its fire control system, which is close to full automation because it is equipped with the semi-automatic interception system of the continental United States at the time, the Integrated digital computer with SAGE and MA -1 fuse. It had a high level of interception capability. Of course, the radar and navigation equipment were also equipped with the latest equipment and they had extremely high all-weather capabilities. The armament are mainly missiles, and since it has a missile bay in the center of the fuselage, can be mounted without exposing missiles and speed was not limited. The missiles on board are an AIM-2 Gini unguided missile with a 1.5KT class nuclear warhead and four AIM-4F / G Super Falcon (mixed infrared homing and semi-active homing), but it is rare to bring Gini. Looks like it wasn’t there. The F-106A was deployed to the Air Force Space Command (ADC) of the United States Air Force since June 1959 and has been used as a primary interceptor until the 1980s. Since the F-106 is developed basically to prevent the invasion of large Soviet bombers equipped with nuclear missiles, fighter fighting was not considered much, and therefore did not have Fixed weaponry. However, due to the low wing loading of the fighter jets. The delta wings, which provided high maneuverability , the missile bay was also renewed with the M61 Vulcan cannon for combat. However, as a result, the F-106 has ended its life without experiencing a major battle.

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