Hobby Boss 1/35 Scale Jackal 1 High Mobility Weapon Platform

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The British Army has added a category of vehicle to the armoured vehicle fleet called the tactical support vehicle (TSV). 400 TSVs were ordered in October 2008 as part of the $700m protected patrol vehicles package. The new TSVs will be used to accompany patrols, and also to transport supplies such as ammunition and water. The three types of vehicle include the Wolfhound – a heavy armoured support vehicle to support and supply the new Mastiff with heavy mine protection (force protection), the Husky – a medium armoured truck to carry out support in less threatened areas (Navistar Defense and Dytecna Ltd), and the Coyote – a light armoured support vehicle to support the new Jackal 2. Item No 84520 Item Name Jackal 1 High Mobility Weapon Platform Bar Code 6939319245205 Scale 1:35 Item Type Plastic Model Armor Kit Model Dimension Length: 171.5mm Width: 68.5mm Total Plastic Parts 800+ Total Sprues 14 sprues , upper hull , lower hull and tires Photo Etched Parts 6 pcs Released Date 2020-11 More Features The kit consists of over 800 parts >the kit w/refined detail >multi-slide moulded upper hull and lower hull >photo etched parts included >rubber tires

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