Hobby Boss 1/350 Scale Soviet Navy Victor III Class project (671RTMK)

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Victor III class - the Soviet model 671RTM "???? (Esox lucius) is a 2.5-generation nuclear submarines of the Soviet Navy.The whole boat with anechoic tiles cover the whole boat, floating raft shock absorption and other technology, quiet performance to the level of confrontation over the U.S. Los Angeles class nuclear submarine? the boat's water displacement of 4900 tons, submerged displacement of 6280 tons, the maximum length of 107.1 mThe average, maximum width of 10.6 meters, 7.5 meters draft. Nuclear power plant, the BM-4A type. Maximum water speed of 10 underwater to a maximum speed of 30. Item No 83529 Item Name Soviet Navy Victor III Class(Project 671RTMK) SSN Bar Code 6939319235299 Scale 1:350 Item Type Static kit Model Dimension Length: 306mm Beam:30.8 mm Total Plastic Parts 50+ Total Sprues 1 sprue, upper hull , lower hull and stand Camouflage Scheme Soviet Navy Photo Etched Parts 1 piece Released Date 2012-06 More Features The kit consists of over 50 parts , includes 19 Photo etched parts - Photo Etched parts for nameplate and propeller - contains display stand

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