Imperial Hobby Productions 1/700 Scale HMS Glory 1945

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This is an injection-plastic ship model kit. HMS Glory is the second Colossus-class aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy. It was laid down in 1942, commissioned in 1945, engaged in the Pacific War and the Korean War, and then dismantled in 1961. The Colossus Class aircraft carrier is a light aircraft carrier designed by the Royal Navy as a [1942 Wartime Planned Fleet Light Aircraft Carrier] during World War II. Initially, 16 ships were planned, but 10 were completed as the Colossus class, and even after the war, they were used by the navies of a total of 6 countries by lending and selling. At that time, due to repeated refurbishment to operate the jet aircraft, even at the end of the 1960s, Minas Gerais (former HMS Vengeance) owned by the Brazilian Navy took on the role of an aircraft carrier in each country's navy in 2001. The kit will have a total length of about 30 cm when completed. It is an offshore model.

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