Italeri 1/72 Scale Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe 10.5cm Leichte Feldhaubitze

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The Wespe is a Panzer II self-propelled howitzer produced from 1943. An open-top battle room was set on the chassis of the Panzer II, and a 10.5cm howitzer, the IeFH18, was installed. The engine was moved to the center of the chassis, and the cockpit was located at the front. The chassis was also extended at the rear due to the size of the battle room, and a damper was added to the suspension. It was equipped with a Maybach HL62TRM four-stroke six-cylinder engine; its maximum speed was 40km/hour. The main gun was a 28-caliber 10.5cm light howitzer, IeFH18M. Production continued until 1944, with more than 650 manufactured. This kit from Italeri realistically reproduces the mechanical body ship and open-top battle room; the lower part of the hull is a box assembly type with bottom, left and right side plates. The suspension arm is reproduced integrally with the side plate; the driver's seat is modeled on the front and the battle room modeled in the rear. A driver figure is in the driver's seat, and a shell is modeled in the rear of the battle room. The 10.5cm howitzer installed in the center of the hull realistically reproduces the barrel, mount and mantlet. The details in the armor plating surrounding the gun are also firmly expressed for a mechanical finish. Belt-type tracks are included, as are driver and artillery figures.

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