Italeri Models 1/35 Scale M-7 Priest Self-Propelled Howitzer

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NEW GLUABLE RUBBER TRACKS - DECALS FOR 4 VERSIONS - COLOR INSTRUCTIONS CONTAINS 1 FIGURE The use of self-propelled artillery during the Second World War spread very rapidly. After the innovations introduced by the German Wehrmacht at the beginning of the conflict, the need for artillery pieces capable of having the same mobility as armored columns was manifested by all armies. The solution used by the Allies, after the first solutions made on half-tracks, materialized with the M7 Priest. Developed on the hull of the M3 Lee medium tank it was armed with a 105mm M2A1 howitzer. It was used for the first time in combat in 1942 by British troops who gave it the nickname of "Priest" (Priest) for the characteristic position of the machine gun in the front of the vehicle resembling a pulpit. Robust and reliable, it had a good supply of ammunition and guaranteed an effective indirect support fire. It was used by the US Army and Marines on all fronts and throughout the course of the war.

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