Italeri Models 1/48 Scale 11-21C Flying Banana

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NEW PIECES - SUPER DECALS FOR 5 VERSIONS - PHOTOENGRAVED - COLOR INSTRUCTIONS CONTAINS A MODEL The H-21 Shawnee is famous for its nickname "flying banana" which originates from the particular upward curved fuselage at the rear. The fuselage designed in this original way allowed the adoption of the two powerful rotors with large propellers. The two rotors and the robust aerodynamic structure have made the H-21 a real workhorse capable of carrying out the most demanding transport missions in often difficult environments. Widely used by the US Army since the first half of the 1950s, it was also used by the US Army in the Vietnamese operational theater for the transport of troops and the tactical transport of materials starting from 1961. To use the helicopter, which it proved to be robust and reliable on the whole, also for ground troop support missions, “Gunship” versions were built, armed with cannons under the nose or installed in the area of ??the side doors. It was also used, armed with an MG 151 cannon on the right door and a .30 caliber weapon on the left side, by French troops in Algeria.

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