Meng Warship Builder Missouri

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The USS Missouri, a.k.a. "Mighty Mo," joins Meng's lineup of snap together non-scale super-deformed warships! Parts come molded in gray, dark blue, and reddish brown, and stickers are included for markings. A display stand is also included. The U.S. Navy battleship USS Missouri, one of the most powerful battleships in human history, is a name well-known to every military enthusiast. She's the favorite subject of many modellers. Now, MENG presents a different Missouri model. The WB-004 Warship Builder Missouri is the latest plastic model kit of the Warship Builder series. MENG's designers have managed to present a cartoonized warship model by highlighting the unique features of the real ship. Parts are pre-colored to replicate this warship's final painting during WWII. This model can be easily built thanks to its snap-fit design and self-adhesive stickers.

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